Radiation and Astronauts

from National Geographic - Biggest solar flare in 4 years

So the Sun flares and bubbles and boils – we’ll learn lots more about that later in the semester.  But when the Sun is doing its thing, what is happening to the astronauts?  And how can humans survive a trip to Mars?

A Facebook friend who works at Goddard Space Flight Center shared a photo and a post by a friend of hers who works with astronauts.  The source of the information in the post is actually from an article on NASA’s homepage and you can find it here.

On that page you’ll find graphs and links and a great description of why it’s actually kind of nice for astronauts to be in the “Solar Maximum” :)  How cool is that!  There are other links on that page to the “Phantom Torso” they study and you can find more for yourself.  In class, we’ll talk about some of the issues of human spaceflight during the last few days of class.

Reflecting, while I am an astrophysicist, I don’t want to be an astronaut right now (and actually never really have)…  Kinda odd many might assume…  But the thing is, I really REALLY want to go see stars and how they work and what weirdo ones look like up close!  But I can’t do that yet – we don’t have the technology :(  Until we do, I’ll keep my feet on the ground and watch the awesome data that comes back to us :)


About drgrundstrom

They call me the Dancing Astrophysicist. I love to teach people about the Universe and all the things within it and I love to dance (partner and solo)!

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