Awesome Planetary Formation Videos

Computer Model of Planetary Formation

In class on Monday, I showed a whole bunch of videos that show planetary formation – some showed certain parts better than others but they all are pretty awesome.  Just in case anyone wanted to look at them again, here they are:

  • Short, beginning of formation (from gas cloud to disk) from ESA – here
  • By NASA for the James Webb Space Telescope, uses data from computer models – here
  • Narration by Harrison Ford, I like that it has some timescale information in it, part of a larger series – here
  • From “Space with Sam Neill” Episode: “Star Stuff”, I really like how this one is done (I started it at 1:27) – here
  • If you liked the “Formation of the Moon” video from the end of class (it does happen to be one of my favorites despite the speeding up of some events that they did), it is here


Below is an image of the Orion Nebula (we can see it during our observations this semester ;) ) from the Hubble Space Telescope showing some of the protoplanetary disks that have been found in this nebula.  Look!!!  New baby planetary systems! :)

Click to go to the Astronomy Picture of the Day website for this image.

"Proplyds" (protoplanetary disks) in the Orion Nebula


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