For my 2015 class…

If you’re in my 2015 Solar System class, please put a comment here showing that you’ve found my blog and that you’re following it :)  Please include your first name and last name initial.  Note that you MUST be logged in to your own WordPress blog when commenting or else you’re doing it wrong!

Also make sure you have bookmarked the big class blog aggregator: Astro201 – The Solar System.  From there, you can follow everyone or specific classmates if you like (when I post them).


Yay for a new semester!


About drgrundstrom

They call me the Dancing Astrophysicist. I love to teach people about the Universe and all the things within it and I love to dance (partner and solo)!

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  1. Found and followed your blog. Name: Giancarlo “Andrew” G.

  2. Elizabeth Dunlap

    Elizabeth D.

  3. Cherie here. Followed.

  4. Found and followed, Brian Holland

  5. Cameron T.

    Following you!

  6. Jevaugn S.

  7. Farhan Shabab; found and following!

  8. Nathaniel Rabin – logged in (and only 6 weeks late!)

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